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Spanish/French Instructor


The Instructor reports directly to the Upward Bound Assistant Director and is responsible for providing instruction in the area of Spanish and/or French.   The Instructor must be able to relate to low-income/potential first generation college students.   The Spanish/French Instructor duties are:


  • Provide all participants classroom instruction in Spanish and /or French.
  • Contribute to the overall assessment of the students’ progress through the program’s effort.
  • Assist in identifying academic deficiencies of students enrolled in the program.
  • Administer tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses of participants.
  • Meet weekly with the program’s Tutor Coordinator, Academic Coordinator, and Upward Bound Assistant Director.
  • Develop and administer pre-tests in order to ascertain the students’ areas of weaknesses.
  • Administer exams and quizzes to help students measure their comprehension and acquired knowledge.
  • Develop and administer post-tests to evaluate the progress of students, and for future planning teaching strategies.
  • Develop and implement oral activities designed to improve student’s listening comprehension and oral communication in Spanish or French.
  • Maintain students’ attendance records.


The Spanish/French Instructor must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and or French.   A Master’s Degree is preferred.   Teaching or tutoring experience in the subjects is preferred.   The applicant must provide three (3) recommendation letters, and must be available to work during the academic and summer components.

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