Services Provided (ALL FREE!)

Academic Year Activities


Weekly tutoring: Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 – 6:00pm on site at AICC office.

Monday through Thursday from 3:00 – 6:00pm  online tutoring. Online tutoring can be accessed by clicking here:


Academic Saturday Morning Classes: First and third Saturday of each month from 9:00am-1:00pm.  The sessions may include educational field trips and traditional classroom instruction by certified teachers within the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Academic Advising: Participants are assigned a professional advisor who visits with students to monitor academic progress and assist in the removal of barriers to academic success.  Each student receives an individual Educational Action Plan (EAP) which outlines his/her academic goals for the semester, provides remedies for academic problems and gives feedback for the improvement in academic performance. EAPs are monitored and discussed with each student three times a year. Discussions will also include college admissions process, financial aid, scholarships and degree programs.

Cultural Activities: Students participate in activities designed to spark curiosity and increase their exposure to new ideas.

College Preparation: Juniors and seniors receive individualized assistance in college and financial aid planning. Services include ACT/SAT test preparation workshops, scholarship searches, and aid in completing college admissions and financial aid applications.

College Tours:  Students tour various colleges to gain exposure and knowledge.

A Five-week Summer Academy where students are exposed to college life by living on a college campus. Students enroll in core courses (Math, Science, English, and Foreign Language) that are designed to give them a head start on the classes they will begin in the fall. The classes may be taught by certified teachers within Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.  Students also participate in elective courses designed to stimulate curiosity and excitement about learning.

End of Summer Trip: Students who successfully complete the summer academy are invited to participate in a learning and culture awareness trip.  Possible trips may include Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Orlando, Birmingham and New York City.

Bridge Program: Eligible 12th grade graduates have the opportunity to take courses for college credit under the supervision and support of the Upward Bound program.

Community Service: Students engage in service activities to give back to community, increase job readiness skills and marketability to college and scholarship applications, and identify local mentors in career fields of interest.


Since we have limited availability and a high number of students who are competing for these limited positions, it is imperative that all supporting documents are submitted as well as to ensure that the application is thoroughly completed to include all signatures.